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Release date : 25 April

Directed by Samuel Maoz
Cast Lior Ashkenazi, Sarah Adler

Drame / 1h54 / Israel

Michael and his wife Dafna are devastated when army officials show up at their home: their son Jonathan is away on mandatory military service. Michael spirals into a whirlwind of grief and anger only to experience one of life's unfathomable twists which rival the surreal military experiences of his son...

La route sauvage

Release date : 02 May

Directed by Andrew Haigh
Cast Steve Buscemi, Chloë Sevigny, Charlie Plummer

Drama / 2h01 / France

A teenager gets a summer job working for a horse trainer and befriends the fading racehorse, Lean on Pete.

Directed by Kenneth MacMillan

Ballet / 3h00

Manon’s brother Lescaut is offering her to the highest bidder when she meets Des Grieux and falls in love. They elope to Paris, but when Monsieur G.M. offers Manon a life of luxury as his mistress she can’t resist.

Je vais mieux

Release date : 30 May

Directed by Jean-Pierre Ameris
Cast Eric Elmosnino, Alice Pol, Ary Abittan

Comedy / 1h26 / France

A middle-aged man suffers from tremendous back pains. No doctors seem to be able to cure him. What if the remedy was elsewhere? Of his work, his wife or his family, what must he change to get better?

Directed by Marius Petipa, Lev Ivanov, Liam Scarlett

Ballet / 3h00

Prince Siegfried chances upon a flock of swans while out hunting. When one of the swans turns into a beautiful woman, Odette, he is enraptured. But she is under a spell that holds her captive, allowing her to regain her human form only at night.


Release date : 27 June

Directed by Jason Reitman
Cast Charlize Theron, Ron Livingston, Mackenzie Davis

Comédie / Etats-Unis